From the creators of Aussie4x4, Traxworld is a utilitarian-natured adventure inspired by real-life experiences. The player has the flexibility of speed plus slow and technical controls with both the vehicle and character movement.
Summons your assets using the chinook to deliver vehicles to your character or recover them from the map.
Customize, repair and wash your vehicles with life-like progress, all vehicle progress is lasting and permanent.
Use the World Map (M) in Sat Nav and navigate using the custom waypoint finder.
Convert Silver Tetrahedrals to Gold coins and vice versa at the exchange in Bank.
Test out handling and performance mods in different off-road conditions with realistic physics and environmental effects.
Find vehicles for sale in workshops and barns all over the map. A petrol station with a robotic operator and a bank in almost every town. Robotic repair shops and automated carwash in most towns.
In the first stage ‘Grind’ you can start building your skills and assets, discovering the many features of the game, and giving feedback as content is released.
Follow the Tickets icon to discover locations, learn skills and expand your exploring abilities.

‘M’ for World Map


WASD for Heading + QZ for Altitude, E to eject, Rotate Camera view with CURSOR. Arrow UP and DOWN to lower and raise CARGO.


WASD for movement, SPACE to JUMP, rotate camera view with ARROW keys or CURSOR. Select Inventory with MOUSE WHEEL. LEFT MOUSE to fire!

Hit TAB to open SETTINGS


WASD for movement, R for ignition, E to Enter and Exit, C to change camera. Rotate Camera view with CURSOR. Up and Down ARROW for gear selection. (select manual transmission in HUD.)


Performance Issues?
Enter main menu – options – graphics to edit your setting to suit your PC

Other Bugs?

TraxWorld is in early access so that makes you more than just a player.
Contact us directly to make improvements or report bugs and we will make sure the message gets into the developer and designer discussions.
Email :

How do you play?

There is currently only one terrain in one season the is currently accessible more locations and different climates are being released incoming updates. Current information applies to TraxWorld Oceana Temperate Region
Each task may require a specific inventory item or tool that you may need to purchase from a shop for vehicles or character accessories.

Future Updates?

New locations, climates, vehicles and characters.

Getting paid?

How to make money
Silver can be converted to gold in bank for the major purchases.

Start-Up Money?.


Most things can be bought in silver but premium items sometimes require gold. We have added a conversion utility in Bank so you have the ability to convert your silver or gold.


Plus we have made all of the handling mods free for now so you can make free unlimited changes to your truck as each level might require different setups. And don’t go overboard on wheels!!


Tyres help improve traction, also Diff Lock and Low Range located at the top of the Head-Up Display.
Also, try different handling setups for better crawling and flex ability.

Why Early Access?

“Our goal since 2014 was to create a wide and rich game that can lend itself to any type of playing style, creating a feeling of ever-growing ability and features. This could include basic minigames to more complex animated or cinematic sequences.
This was a large undertaking but we have been steadily moving towards this goal unabated since 2014. Our studio members are willing to go the distance in any technical area to get a great result. To help keep things moving along we released a basic mobile game in 2017 that allowed us to build a community and culture around the game concept.
Early Access is a point in development that is crucial for the players and developers. The cross-over from developing the foundations of the software to the visible features of gameplay happens at this point. Early adopters can have input that can affect both of these areas which may not be possible later.
The next steps include Marketplace, Multiplayer, and Story mode.
Input and feedback for the current and future releases will never be ignored and almost certainly make their way into the game based on demand.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We estimate roughly by August 2022 we will have each stage mentioned in a final state.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The resulting gameplay will focus on challenges that combine the vehicle plus the character’s full set of capabilities which will create a unique style of missions. Having a very complex set of character and vehicle ability allows an experience with great depth of complexity. Grind will become more feature-rich with more activity. AI Humans will have more intelligence and the AI vehicles will be more responsive to players and the surroundings. More content will become destructible with vehicle or weapon hits.

Next Stages…
The next stages include Marketplace which is a networked trading place for buying and selling completed custom vehicle setups, custom parts, or character accessories.
This may include tools for creating NFT content or another form of trading that is yet to be announced. StoryMode is a single-player animated series that involve a set of challenges that can last 1 hour or as long as 20 hours. Multiple story outcomes are possible and the wins are then kept and used in Grind. Multiplayer involves 2 modes, Convoy and Battle. Convoy is about working together to collect, farm, and cultivate activities to raise revenue.

Expanding Economy…
With many ways to make money including hunting vermin, harvesting animal produce, catching insects, and selling to stores on the map. More ways to turn a profit will be added with varying levels of difficulty and skill.

New Content…
New vehicles to be constantly added in every update, different types from trucks, bikes, and sports cars. There are 9 vehicles currently, at the end of early access there will be over 40. More characters will be added with more customization options.

Other Technology…
Current vehicle physics from NVIDIA PhysX will shortly be upgraded to Chaos.
New software to be integrated includes physics-based ocean and rivers, volumetric clouds, and live earth sculpting which will allow users to build custom and more destructible worlds.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Grind is the first stage released, it’s a level for making money with a basic set of challenges to complete called Tickets. This is tradesman slang for having a permit that allows you to work. This will introduce all features of the level. Follow the Tickets icon to complete.

Character Abilities…
The character has a vehicle inventory. Use this to repair vehicles or summons using chinook air transport. A pouch inventory to collect items of value like chicken, beef, animals skins, and bugs. All items to collect have value and can be sold in shops all over the map.
The third set of inventory includes tools that change the functionality of the character. Currently, a hunting rifle, bug gun, and fishing rod are added. Tools that will be added for final production will include more rifles, clubs, grenade/rocket launchers, and swords.

Vehicle Abilities…
The vehicle has 3 modes to control the accelerator pressure and gear change ratio. Giving more abilities in different driving circumstances. Transmission is added with a checkbox on the screen to change the gearbox from an automatic to manual.
Switch high/low, differential, headlights control in Dashboard. Access the world map with ‘M’ and use the mouse wheel and right-click to set a way-point finder.

Vehicle customization shops cover the map with more than 30 different categories including roof rack, luggage, doors, bonnet, wheel diameter, rim size, tire tread, rim design, suspension settings, suspension rigs, trays, spotlights, winches, bullbars, side skirts, wheel arches, mudguards, sump guards, seats, dashboard and much more. Basic Character customization exists in a store on the map, including pets, hair, hats, and head torch.

Performance should remain roughly the same as we improve optimization at the same time as adding more functionality.

Some minor bugs remaining in Grind that we are aware of and keen to hear about any others that you may find.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We plan to raise the price as we ship the next stages; Marketplace, StoryMode and Multiplayer. The price has been reduced for early access. Early adopters will benefit from free access to all future stages.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Currently Instagram @aussie4x4game and Steam bug reporting.
With an opportunity to add their own input on issues including direction on vehicle choice and styling, gameplay features, feedback on technical aspects, physics, character mechanics, or anything else that comes up in your open-world experience.”